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So, it's been a bit of a lull for us over the past few months. What've we been up to?

Life, really. Peter has finally finished engineering after about 10 million years, and Gaivn has finished his degree up as well. Game of Thrones finished (rather disappointingly, I might add), and Tampa Bay ruined Peter's hopes and dreams with the biggest choke in the history of the NHL playoffs. With all these developments, it's time to get back to business! We've missed you folks, and we're making up for our absence with a bunch of shows this summer; keep an eye out for more dates. Recording is set to begin again, and we should have some new tunes out this year. We appreciate your patience; unfortunately for us broke bois, funding these projects can be a little difficult. Nevertheless, we're back on our grind, and we hope we'll see you beautiful people out a show this summer.

Talk soon!